Lateral Epicondylitis is the medical term used to describe a common type of tendonitis found in the elbow. Often this condition is referred to as Tennis Elbow’, a term that comes from the sport commonly associated with the condition.


In the forearm it is the group of extensor muscles which act to extend or pull back the wrist and straighten the fingers. These muscles share a common tendon insertion point on the outside of the elbow.


Lateral Epicondylitis is a RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) condition, as this injury occurs with extreme repetition of the same action. Overuse of the extensor muscles causes inflammation of the tendons and the common tendon insertion area. Lateral Epicondylitis is commonly seen in tennis players, computer users, manual workers and painters.

People with Lateral Epicondylitis often find the following daily activities difficult to do:

• picking up objects
• gripping
• holding heavy items
• holding items for a period of time
• typing
• chopping, peeling, stirring during cooking



Symptoms of Lateral Epicondylitis can include:

• pain over the outside of the elbow
• inflammation on the outer tip of the elbow
• tenderness over the inflamed area
• tight forearm muscles
• stiffness in the joints of the elbow


Physiotherapy Treatment

Treatment depends on the stage and severity of the condition and is a combination of:

• rest
• advice on management
• ice and heat modalities
• bracing/strapping – to offload muscle stress
• passive and active stretching
• ultrasound
• review of workplace
• progressive strengthening exercises



• Elbow braces
Sports strapping
• Ice Packs