Netball is the most popular women’s team participation sport in Australia, with over 360,000 registered players. While remaining popular as a school sport, the popularity of netball continues to grow in the wider Australian community.

In November 2014, Gordon Physiotherapy Sports & Spinal became a sponsor of the St Ives Netball Club. The club is one of the largest sporting clubs in the Ku Ring Gai district, with over 400 members, and is dedicated to providing the local community with a competitive sports platform for children, teens and adults.

St Ives Netball

Gordon Physiotherapy Sports & Spinal is pleased to provide sponsorship to help develop new coaching initiatives and general modernisation of the club.

As a team of health professionals, Gordon Physiotherapy Sports & Spinal aims to proactively help netballers to stay on top of their game and understand how to manage their injuries.

Being a fast-paced, jumping sport, several injuries are commonly associated with netball, including:

Players, coaches and parents also need to be aware of the signs and symptoms of concussion injuries.

Correct management of netball injuries is essential if players wish to return to sport quickly, with a low risk of future problems. Our articles provide clear information specifically targeted to issues relevant to netballers everywhere and outline guidelines for treatment of common injuries.