What is Golfer’s elbow?

Golfer’s elbow is a type of tendonitis of the elbow area, so called because of the sport commonly associated with its cause. Golfer's elbow
In this condition the inner forearm muscles suffer from overuse due to the constant wrist bending action involved with playing golf, causing inflammation of the tendons and their points of insertion.

Typically, those who have Golfer’s elbow experience:

  • inflammation on the inner bony elbow point
  • pain over the inside of the elbow
  • tenderness over the inflamed area

Those with golfer’s elbow often find it too difficult to continue to play golf without making the pain worse. Some find it hard to pick up objects or grip and hold anything that is heavy. Other daily tasks such as typing, writing, chopping, peeling and cooking can be difficult and painful. It may also be painful to rest your elbow on a hard surface such as a wooden arm rest.


Treatment for Golfer’s Elbow

When you come to see us with some of the symptoms outlined above, we need to determine the stage of your condition: is it in acute, inflammatory or chronic stage? Treatment will vary according to the stage of the RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and may include ice, ultrasound and manual techniques to release tight structures.

Generally the longer this condition is left untreated the more problems are caused: the body can adopt compensatory actions to alleviate pain in the elbow, leading to joint stiffness and shortening of the elbow capsule, ligaments and muscles.