Golfer picking up golf bag badly

Golfer Picking Up Golf Bag Badly

Keeping active is important and golf is a good activity that combines relaxation with exercise.

Golf often starts at the beginning of the day when it is cold. Ideally you should start your day with back stretches, especially before playing golf.

These gentle movements help to stretch the small muscles and ligaments around the spine and remind the spine joints to produce their lubricating fluid.

Back Hints for Golfers

When lifting your golf bag from the car boot:

  1. slide it to the edge of the boot before lifting it out
  2. prepare for the lift and do not hurry
  3. place your feet apart to form a firm base
  4. brace your spine (by pulling in your stomach)
  5. bend your knees but not your back
  6. then lift carefully

When lifting your golf bag into the car follow the same instructions in reverse order.

Most importantly, take note of warning signs such as:

  • increasing stiffness
  • pain that is easily aggravated with simple tasks
  • pain that does not resolve with resting overnight

Should you experience any of these signs, come and see us so you can get back to playing well and safely.