Ankle ligament injuries commonly occur when a person ‘rolls-over’ on their ankle. This is called an inversion-ankle injury and occurs during sports such as netball, basketball and running or by simply missing a step or slipping on uneven ground.

What is injured?

Three ligaments support the outer ankle, and these can sustain over-stretching or breaks in the ligament fibres. Swelling and bruising occur rapidly, usually accompanied by pain and difficulty walking.

What should I do?

In the first few days, follow the RICE regime set out below:

  • Rest: do not walk unnecessarily on your ankle for the first few days. Use crutches if you can’t put any weight onto your foot without severe pain
  • Ice packs: apply ice packs to your ankle with your foot elevated: on for 10 mins, off for 50 mins. Repeat often to help minimise swelling and bruising
  • Compression: wear a compression bandage to minimise swelling. We stock all sizes of ‘Tubigrip’, which is suitable for this injury
  • Elevation: swelling can also be minimised if you keep the ankle elevated in the first few days

Above all seek physiotherapy treatment early to minimise further damage to the tissues. This ensures a quick return of movement, strength and balance.


How Gordon Physiotherapy Sports and Spinal Can Help Your Injury

We will examine your injured ankle to rule out other possible injuries and will let you know if other tests, including X-rays, are required. Following this, your treatment may include:

  • Sports strapping to support the ankle against further injury
  • Compression regimes
  • Crutches as some ankle injuries need complete rest
  • Soft tissue massage to help with the reduction of bruising and swelling, allowing joint movement to return quickly
  • Graduated exercise programs, to prevent deterioration of power and to improve strength and balance
  • Ankle braces, to give extra support upon return to vigorous sports

Many ankle injuries that are left untreated cause ongoing pain and further re-injury because of continuing poor balance and inadequate muscle strength.


Products Stocked by Gordon Physiotherapy Sports and Spinal for Ankle Injuries

  • Crutches for short-term hire
  • Ice packs
  • Ankle braces
  • Sports strapping
  • Tubigrip
  • Compression garments