Injuries that occur most frequently in people who participate in sports are usually referred to as Sports Injuries. They can be further classified as traumatic injuries or overuse injuries.

Traumatic Sports Injuries

Overuse Sports Injuries

  • Traumatic injuries occur mostly in contact sports and range in severity from cuts, bruises and muscle strains, to fractures and head injuries.
  • Overuse injuries occur in sports that require a repeated action of one part of the body, such as overarm throwing.

Sports Injuries – Our Approach

Our treatment is based on:

  • self-management techniques
  • education and advice
  • manual (i.e. hands-on) treatments

The following three-pronged approach ensures faster recovery and is more likely to prevent re-injury.

  1. Self-management: this relies on you knowing what your injury is and what is required for the best healing to take place.
  2. A full subjective and objective assessment: this is necessary before treatment is commenced or advice is given.
  3. Your lifestyle, including work, sport and hobbies: these factors must be taken into account in the rehabilitation of your sports injury.

Sport Injuries

Common sports and overuse injuries we see include:

Traumatic sports injuries occur more often in contact sports:

Overuse Sports Injuries

Traumatic sports injuries occur more often in contact sports

X-RAYS and MRIs – do I need one?


X-ray of the knee

Should your assessment indicate the need for further investigation, we can refer you for:

  • X-Rays
  • MRI

We will let you know if a referral to a specialist is required.