Many people do not know what to expect of a physiotherapy session. Some even tell us that because they do not know what to expect, they are worried about coming to physiotherapy.

During your first physiotherapy session our focus will be on obtaining a diagnosis of your condition.  Our aim is to ensure that you both understand and correctly manage your injury.

All your sessions with us will be on a one-on-one basis.

We do not treat 2 or 3 patients concurrently, so during your appointment time our focus is totally on you.


We will:

  • take a history of your injury, and look at any reports, scans and X-rays you may have
  • examine the problem area and other areas which may be contributing to your condition
  • set out treatment goals that address your concerns
  • explain your diagnosis and condition in terms you can understand
  • explain how you need to care for your injury
  • outline the activities you should and should not undertake
  • explain your home program; this may include exercises, heat, ice, modifying your activity, posture-awareness or work set-up


Depending on your condition we may:

  • begin hands-on techniques
  • use pain-easing modalities
  • start exercises
  • refer you for X-rays or scans

You will find more information in our “FAQs” section. All sessions require an appointment, so contact our reception staff to make one.