Groin or Adductor strains

The groin or adductor muscles are located in the inner thigh, running from the front of the pelvis to just above the knee.

Problems with Adductor strains

Re-injury or recurrence is the main problem associated with an adductor muscle injury. Re-injury is common if a return to sport happens too quickly, or if the correct rehabilitation does not occur. When treating adductor strains, all hip muscles should examined, as it is common to find a strength imbalance in the opposing muscle group, the abductors .

Causes of Adductor strains

These muscles can experience strain during sharp take offs or during kicking movements, often in sports such as:

  • AFL
  • rugby
  • soccer

Adductor strains may also occur through:

  • accidental slips on wet surfaces
  • excessive stretching in Yoga, stretch or Pilates classes


Symptoms may include:

  • pain
  • bruising in the inner thigh
  • inability to perform sports
  • difficulty walking
  • difficulty managing stairs or getting into a car



Initial treatment of a groin strain should begin at home and follow the RICE regime for the first 48-72 hours:groin-ice-treatment

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

It is vital to abstain from all sport as well as unnecessary walking and quickly make an appointment to see us. Your physiotherapy rehabilitation program will include regimes to settle the injury, as well as exercises to strengthen and stretch the muscles.

A gradual return to sports will be advised, once the muscles and tendons have had sufficient time to heal.