To prevent injuring your back, you must maintain the following three factors in your everyday routine:

  1. Good Lifting TechniqueMan with a Back Injury
      • lighten the load whenever possible to reduce pressure on the discs and muscles
      • clear the area where you lift so there is no risk of tripping or twisting
      • position your feet well apart in a comfortable position and on even ground
      • keep the curve in your lower back – to do this, squat down to reach the load, and accentuate the low back curve by sticking your bottom out; this is what we refer to as “lifting with a straight back”
      • lift the load by straightening the knees, not bending your back
      • get help when the object is heavy, awkward or moving

  3. Strong Muscles  – when the large muscles that move the spine tire, the support they provide is lost and so the strain on the discs increases. Since strong muscles tire less, exercises that improve the strength of back muscles will help reduce the risk of back injury. However, you should never begin any back exercises if you have had a recent back injury or still have back pain that has not settled. During these times you need treatment and guidance in appropriate exercises or you may make your pain worse.

  5. Planning Well – planning your lifting activities well and ahead of time will help you avoid serious back injury. So when possible:
      • avoid heavy work
      • avoid consecutive labour-intensive tasks
      • modify heavy or awkward tasks
      • ask for help with lifting heavy loads
      • use mechanical lifting devices such as trolleys where possible


Gordon Physiotherapy Sports and Spinal Staff Can:

      • explain specific exercises to strengthen your back muscles
      • help you retrain your body posture
      • explain how to improve recovery and reduce further injury


Products Stocked by Gordon Physiotherapy Sports and Spinal for Back Pain

At Gordon Physiotherapy we stock the following products to assist in maintaining good posture in sitting and preventing back problems

      • McKenzie Lumbar Rolls
      • McKenzie Travel Rolls
      • McKenzie Book – Treat your own Back
      • Posture Wedges