Coccyx Pain or Coccyalgia

Woman falling on the Coccyx

Coccyalgia is pain in the coccyx or tail bone, which forms the lowest part of the spine.

In animals this part of the spine is elongated and segmented, and it also moves; because of these features, it functions as a wagging tail. In humans the sections are fused, making the coccyx a rigid structure.

What can cause Coccyalgia:

  • trauma during childbirth, especially after a fast delivery
  • direct trauma to the coccyx, such as a fall from a horse, trampoline or skis
  • direct trauma by repeated motion, such as horse riding, rowing or cycling
  • pressure on the coccyx due to prolonged sitting on hard surfaces – this occurs mostly in the elderly, or slim persons who have little fat padding of the buttocks and are prone to developing pressure sores

coocyx diagram side viewFacts about Coccyalgia

      • women are five times more likely to develop Coccyalgia than men, perhaps on account of the coccyx being more exposed in women
      • Coccyalgia accounts for less than 1% of all reported cases of lower back pain

In Coccyalgia there is usually:

      • an episode of trauma prior to the onset of pain
      • pain directly over the tail bone (sore to touch)
      • pain on walking
      • pain on bowel use
      • pain on sitting


    Post-partum (after childbirth) Coccyalgia rarely occurs. To settle this painful condition, the use of a coccyx pillow is required for 3-6 weeks. Usually the pain will resolve within a few weeks with care and physiotherapy.

    Other Facts

    Coccyalgia can also be known as:

    • Coccydynia
    • Coccyodynia


    How Gordon Physiotherapy Sports and Spinal Can Help

    • our assessment will help rule out other factors that may worsen this condition – such as tight structures
    • often low lumbar spine pain and Coccyalgia appear very similar – we ensure the correct diagnosis is obtained
    • once we determine the cause of your discomfort, we will help you understand the appropriate care and treatment
    • pain-relief modalities are often helpful, especially in severe or chronic cases of Coccyalgia


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