At Gordon Physiotherapy Sports and Spinal, we believe that understanding your ‘ailment’, including how it was caused, what makes it worse or better, and possible treatments is essential to good recovery. This is why we have included these topics to help you better understand your condition.

Being correctly informed about your injury is essential and something we encourage. That being said, this information is not meant as a means for you to diagnose and treat your condition.

If you are experiencing pain, the very best way of resolving your issues is to contact us and book an appointment with an experienced physiotherapist.

Back and Spine Articles

Gordon Physiotherapy Sports and Spinal has a reputation for the best treatment of back and spine injuries on the North Shore. In our Back and Spine information section you will find information on the anatomy of the spine and some of the common causes of back pain.

Back pain is preventable, so if you are experiencing back pain it is better to get treatment sooner before the injury causes further damage to underlying tissues, which can then prolong the recovery time.

Lower Limb Articles

At Gordon Physiotherapy Sports and Spinal we see a variety of injuries in the lower limbs, usually as a result of trauma (eg a fall or hit) or through overuse (from sports or repetitive work tasks). Again in our Lower Limb Section we take you through the anatomy of the lower limb region and outline what kind of injuries you may experience.

The likelihood of lower limb injuries can be minimised by the correct exercises and protection. At GPSS, we not only treat your injury, but teach you how to minimise the chance of re-injury.

Other Topics

We are constantly expanding the list of injury topics that we treat at Gordon Physiotherapy Sports and Spinal including systemic disorders, Women’s Health problems, Prevention of Injury, treatment regimes and other less known conditions.

In this section we go through What you can expect from your first Physio Session, and What Physiotherapy is, and How it can help you.

Sports Injuries

As the name of our business suggests, we treat many sporting injuries. At Gordon Physiotherapy Sports and Spinal, we not only treat the condition, but also provide our patients self-management techniques, education and advice.

In our ‘Sports Injuries’ section we explain how our approach is different (and why we think it’s the best). We talk about the variety of injuries you may encounter and give you hints for minimising injury.

Upper Limb Articles

Upper limb injuries are caused by trauma, overuse or systemic disease including Carpal Tunnel and Frozen Shoulder.

Again in this section we outline the symptoms and causes of such ailments and offer you education and advice on managing these issues.